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A Little Bit Of France In Montreal


If you thought Las Vegas and New York were the cities that never sleep, add Montreal to your list. The

second largest city in Canada is bound to surprise you for the vibrancy, cultural diversity and in being

cosmopolitan for a city of three million plus.

Whether you want to shop around like in an American city, sip a cappuccino at an open cafe, gamble at a

casino or simply explore the rich and distinct European history of Old Montreal, this city has energy that is


Tourists come year around to enjoy this peaceful but lively city. Whether you want to ski through the vast

winters, chillout in spring and summer or enjoy the breathtaking colors of fall;the city is complete with its

splendorous restaurants, stores, walkways and Metro, this stupendous city has something for everybody in

every season. The stunning and majestic backdrop of Brokeback Mountain is the fabulous natural park

Southern Alberta in the Prarie province. For those who'd like to go off the beaten path, the Chateau Hotels

built in the early 1900s by the railway companies are a national icon and a must see on the list.

Eating out is not much of a problem here. Montreal is one of those rare North American cities where you can

eat out inexpensively without compromising taste or quality.

Montreal is truly unique, it is a true culture shock when you arrive in this city. You'll see a number of

attractive and fashionably dressed people. You'll at once feel that the best aspects of both American and

European (or more specifically French) cultures have been mashed into this city. Language is not a problem

here, but try learning some French, even if it's just to say "Pardon, parlez vous englais?" (Excuse me, do you

speak English?) as this city has second largest French natives.

And for those of you who like music, you might know Simple Plan or Avril Lavingne. They're both from



It is also an inviting destination for gay and lesbian tourists second only to San Fransisco. Strategically

located, the city has witnessed some very important decisions including the Montreal Protocol.

Montreal is a safe, inviting and open city which will reignite your thirst of travel and adventure: a true gem in

North America!

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