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A Vegetarain World

Man is what he eats. According to our ancient scriptures, a person's personality is built by three elements: his education, his environment and his food habits. And satvik ahaar is the best. In modern times also we are seeing a change in people's eating habits. They are turning back from non-vegetarian to vegetarian.


A quiet revolution is going on throughout the world. Especially in the western countries, millions of people are becoming vegetarians. In USA alone, there are 16 million vegetarians because they care for their health and environment. A simple natural vegetarian diet will help keep our mind peaceful and pure, and our body healthy and free of toxins.

As early as 1961, The “JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION” stated that 90% of heart diseases could be prevented by a vegetarian diet. There is a popular myth that vegetarian food means boring vegetables and salads. How untrue!.

“Enjoy ..... Health is Wealth”





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