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A Wive's Tale

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On the list of independent women, Shah Rukh's wife Gauri Khan will definitely feature.Until few years Gauri was best known as the girl next door whom Shahrukh married. Gauri was always overshadowed by the superstar husband's stardom. She started out as a homemaker, Gauri has definitely come out as woman of great style and sense.


Having started as a costume designer for Shahrukh's movies like Darr, Ajnabi and many more, she ventured as the key producer of Red Chillies Entertainment. Her status as a celebrity was first acknowleged by magazine Vogue, who featured her on their cover not as SRK's wife but as an emerging presence in Bollywood. Even though Gauri looks after her children mainly, this status of a celebrity in her own standing is significant.

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Suzanne Khan Roshan is a financially independent woman who is an established interior designer herself. Having studied interior design from the Brooks College, Long Beach, LA, she set up her Suzanne Roshan House Of Design Store in Mumbai and has helped many a celebrity design their homes. In fact it was her financial independence that attracted Hrithik most when the two were dating.

Suzanne has kept her successful career away from the limelight of Hrithik and will definitely be financially independent.

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Quite unlike his ex wife Reena Dutta, who was very busy with her own travel agency never interfered into Aamir's work until she handled the production of Lagaan; soon after, they divorced. His current wife Kiran Rao, has remained unattached to the frenzy that Aamir Khan creates. Although Kiran is busy working on her first film Dhobi Ghat, under her own production company 'Cinema 73', reports suggest that she hardly accepts any help from Aamir in her work, and that he even went off on a vacation with his kids while she slogged on her movie.

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Star-wife Twinkle Khanna’s lifestyle store ‘White Windows’ is going great guns. She has not only opened many branches new branch in Mumbai and won an award, but also has international décor assignment in her kitty. Twinkle's Bollywood career had already been on shaky grounds before she married Akshay Kumar in 2001. However, since she stopped acting the very same year, her marriage is considered to be the reason for her Bollywood halt. She is a twinkling star in her own right.

It is interesting to notice that she has been a successful interior designer for years now, and has done up the houses of her star friends. She is happy being the wife of busy actor Akshay Kumar and mother to their son Aarav.

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After completing her training in hairstyling in UK, Farhan Akhtar's wife returned to Mumbai. She started a salon with Avan Contractor and later moved out with her brother Osh Bhabani to start their own salon called b:blunt. She along with Avan were behind the Dil Chahata Hai look which became a rage with youngsters.

Many actresses who were at the peak of their careers gave up their jobs to look after kids and make for a successful careers of their husbands. Jaya Bachchan, Kajol, Madhuri Dixit, Juhi Chawla, Karisma Kapoor, the list goes on. All of them came back no matter in how small a role, only after having devoted time to their kids, balancing both work and family.


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When your husband is successful Bollywood star whom the world bows to, it gets difficult to get out of the shadow of stardom, and create a niche for your own self. Although Bollywood is pretty conservative when it comes to women making a career after marriage, there are a few women who have slowly made a mark for themselves-- not necessarily related to the film industry and without their husband's help.


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