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Australian Cuisine


Australian Cuisine today is a blend of cuisine from all parts of the world combined with true indigenous cuisine.TasmaniaWorld class Australian wines have also added to the enjoyment of this rich Australian cuisine, enjoyed by all Australians and visitors to the country.

Australian cuisine reflects the country's multicultural nature. You can find British-influenced dishes, dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, recipes inspired by Asian foods, and also "bush tucker", which is traditional food, often foraged, that was eaten by travellers in the wilderness areas of Australia known as the "outback". Bushfoods include deliciously tangy fruits from the rainforests, aromatic herbs from our woodlands, zingy pepperleaf and delicate snowberries from the southern highlands, spicy bush tomatoes from the desert, and lean rich game meats from kangaroo and emus. 

recipe image Apricot Chicken

recipe image Crusted Beef with Native Spices

recipe image Smoked Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon Eggs Roll Up with Salad

recipe image Polenta with Smoked Kangaroo and Parmesan

recipe image Anzac Biscuits

recipe image Lamingtons

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