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Bombay Duck is a Fish- A novel by Kanika Dhillon


Kanika Dhillon’s debut novel ‘Bombay Duck is a Fish’, was unveiled by Shah Rukh Khan at Taj Lands End in Mumbai on 6th June 2011. At the launch Superstar Shah Rukh Khan stated that the book reminded him of his journey in tinsel town from television series 'Fauji' to his latest venture ''.


"For me, ' Bombay Duck is a Fish' was a call from the past. It brought to mind my own journey from Jamia Milia to Fauji to Kanika’s writing style is part satire, part drama, part humour and part realism. For all those who believe dreams do come true, this one's a must-read," Shah Rukh told reporters here.


‘Bombay Duck is a Fish’ traces the journey of small town girl Neki Brar. Neki like countless other star struck youngsters, leaves her MNC job and comes to Bombay to make it big in the film industry.

Neki is in pursuit of being a film-maker. In Bombay, Neki encounters everything - love, friendship, betrayal, success, humiliation.

The make-believe sets of Bollywood, the overcrowded existence with her three roommates and the battle for power on the sets of her debut film as an assistant director force her to understand the ground rules here — if you don’t learn the art of survival, the train back home is your only option.

Falling in love further complicates Neki’s life. Neki finds herself at the wrong place at the wrong time and in the middle of every disaster that happens on the film sets. Battling political games, rivalry, love, betrayal and burning egos of film stars, she discovers the viciousness of true love and the beauty of her own ambition.


Big dreams; high stakes; tremendous pressure. If unfulfilled dreams keep you alive, can broken dreams push you to end it all?

‘Bombay Duck is a Fish’ is an insider's perspective on what goes behind the scenes while shooting a film.

Kanika Dhillon is a London School of Economics alumnus and has penned the screenplay and dialogues of Shah Rukh Khan's She is also the creative content head of Shah Rukh's Red Chillies Entertainment Company.

Dhillon started out working as an assistant director in Bollywood. She is a screenwriter by profession and currently resides in Mumbai.

"This book is very close to my heart not only because it is my first book but in some way it reminisces of my feelings for this city. Neki's journey is one that a lot of people will sympathize and connect with. The lure of Bollywood is also an engaging appeal," Kanika said.

'Bombay Duck is a Fish' is not about creating an identity, it’s about finding or losing yourself along the way and relishing the journey whose destination is Bombay




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