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Celebrating Diwaali - Menu Ideas

By Arpita Jaikar


The festival season is in full swing, with Diwali  now upon us. Deepa in Sanskrit means light and avali means 'a row', and all of India and everywhere Indians reside is ablaze with fireworks, candles, and oil lamps and a joy in our hearts.

These oil lamps recall how villagers set out diyas to guide Rama home after vanquishing Ravana, the return from exile that forms the basis for the Diwali celebration

It is a time for togetherness, to spread love and joy and revel in the festival with family and friends.

Dinner parties, sweets and savouries all signify the spirit of Diwaali.

So here is a Party menu idea for a Diwaali party.

This menu includes recipes from across the Indian subcontinent, Diwaali is enjoyed differently in India albeit with the same joyous  fervour.

We hope you will enjoy making and serving this delightful set of dishes at your next Diwaali party .


Hara Kebab with

Fiery Tomato Chutney


Kothambir Vadas

Chicken Kandhari Kofta AND/ OR

Misa Mach Poora (Grilled shrimps) AND/OR

Simple Cheeda

Main Course

Lamb Badaam Pasanda

Rajma Masala

Kashmiri Dum Aloo

Side Dishes

Cabbage Salad


Phirni and/or



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