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Fad About Energy Drinks


Energy Drinks are both popular and questioned. They are easy and quick way to regain energy levels and hence popular. The way it actually boosts the system leave some to ponder over the ingredients and health effects. There might be many differences between the varieties of brands that adorn supermarket shelves; ranging from tastes to no-carb, low sugar, vitamin enriched- and the list goes on.

Along with the sudden rush of adrenaline, some of these drinks can actually make you happier, feel less stressed out, a kind of energy that’ll keep you pepped up for that after work party, others just help you through a long night of studying. Seems like it fast growing as the new coffee or even alcohol for the kind of result it leaves.

What’s It Made of: Blame it on caffeine, taurine, guarana, sugar and even sodium for you high energy levels. Although sugar would mix in the blood and wear off soon but high sodium content in these drinks can have serious effects. In fact researchers are worried about the lethal combination of large amounts of sodium and caffeine. Whether this is only important for people with pre-existing heart conditions or important to everyone, it is something that should be considered. Mixing energy drinks with alcohol has become very popular with college goers and this can elead to potential dangers.

How did it all start: Energy drinks generally are non-alcoholic and offer a combination of energy and vitamins, primarily B vitamins. Mostly athletes in the United States who would use the drinks to give them extra energy before and during workouts or competitions and games first accepted these drinks. However, as word spread about the effects of energy drinks, the general public dived into the energy drink craze, as well.

Future: The market is growing like a weed and companies raking moolah out of the fast paced society that does not have time for even sleep leave aside anything else. Marketing strategies have been so efficient that now energy drinks are socially acceptable addiction.

Why Worry: Excess of everything is bad and the same holds true for energy drinks as well. Since caffeine is the basic ingredient fewer drinks would be necessary to cause an overdose of caffeine when compared to coffee. Caffeine can increase hypertension, cause heart palpitations; provoke irritability and anxiety as well as cause headaches and insomnia. More so younger children rely on energy drinks before taking any physical activity.

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