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Fairbanks, Alaska - a Picto -travelogue



Incredible!!, that is how one would describe Fairbanks, Alaska. The Northern Lights, the 23 hours of sunlight in June, the frosty mountains, the Chena hot springs, the museums, the Pioneer Park and the nicest people -all these put together makes Fairbanks, as I said, incredible.

Fairbanks is situated in the heart of Alaska, USA. Many people think of Alaska as a place of snow, and darkness. Maybe true for a portion of the year. Did you know that summer temperatures in Fairbanks, can reach 100+ degrees Fahrenheit? Seemingly endless sunlit days in summer and winter nights that never end, that's Fairbanks for you.

Another phenomenon that lights up the most soulful of souls is the Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights. These lights are present year round in the skies above Fairbanks, but they show up best in the winter months. The Northern Lights are dancing fluorescent ribbons that light up the night sky.

The University of Alaska's  research still continues into the phenomenon, but so far, research seems to indicate that the aurora is caused by radiation emitted as light from atoms in the upper atmosphere as they are hit by fast-moving electrons and protons. In other words, energy particles from the sun collide with the Earth's magnetic field. The kind of atom determines the color.

The very best months for Aurora viewing are in spring and fall; February, March, September, and October

Apart from the Northern Lights one should look for the Museums in Fairbanks, which offers a real insight into your travels. Let's not forget the Pioneer Park when at Fairbanks. Formerly known as "Alaskaland", the Fairbanks Pioneer Park is worth the visit. It's a great place with boutiques and food vendors, and plenty of exhibits. Don't miss the ride on the newly renovated Crooked Creek Whiskey Island Train at the Park.

Fairbanks, a must-see place, is packed with natural phenomenon like nowhere else on earth, as place you would fall in love with!

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