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A 350-pound frame of fluffy white furred body, playing joyfully in its icy habitat without the care or concern about anything in the world - yes what I was seeing through my camera lens was a Polar bear – truly, a sight that will brighten hearts and put a sparkle in eyes!! I wished my daughter would grow up one day and see this amazing creation of God in its natural habitat. But just when this thought came, what hit me was- Will there be any polar bear left after 20 years or they will also become a thing of past – extinct and lost forever.

Unfortunately, this species is heading toward an uncertain future because of global warming. This isn’t any new threat- global warming has been pushing many species toward the edge of extinction. From increasing levels of carbon dioxide in atmosphere due to power plants, automobiles etc, chemical pollution, oil drilling and many more, polar bears are up against a series of threats that endanger thousands of species around the globe. Polar bears are absolutely ice dependent and God knows what will happen when man will pull even this thin layer of ice under their paws.

Polar bears, have already been fighting their natural battle by trying to survive in one of the planet’s most inhospitable environments, thankfully, nature has provided them with enough resources to win this one. But for the man made battle created for them- melting sea ice, is the one they are not prepared for. Because of global warming, the ice that the bears depend on to supply food and shelter is literally melting under their paws. Polar bears already have a low reproduction rate and when they are fighting for their basic needs for survival one can see for sure the numbers coming down. Some studies have reported that polar bears are killing others due to scarcity of food.

I was lost in my world of ifs and buts, when a saw a cub bear with his mother bear and I could immediately relate that to my relation with my daughter. I wondered ‘Why are we so selfish that we will think about the future of our children and not about the future of these cubs. How will these cubs survive if the things continue the same way as they are right now.’ This encounter has touched my life and I vow to work towards environment protection and saving wildlife with whatever best I can contribute in my day today life.

I am you too wouldn’t like to wait till polar bear becomes a picture in your child’s science book?

Come back for more touching stories on the alarming condition of endangered species…


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