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Holiday Party Menu-Vegetarian

Whether you're hosting your first holiday party or your fiftieth, everyone could use a little menu inspiration around this time of year. How do you celebrate the holidays? With a traditional feast for your close, immediate family ? Or a big open house where all your friends, family and neighbors are invited to share in your holiday cheer? Many of us, especially those with young families, celebrate with long-standing family traditions. Others of us are forging ahead with our own, new traditions - and some of us try to do it all.
No matter how you celebrate, your holiday is sure to involve a special meal, or two... or five. We have menu ideas to make your holiday feast one of the best you ever had and don’t forget to rate your favorites!



Beet Cutlets

Side Dish

Green Beans

Stuffed Okra

Main Course

Mushroom Curry

Brinjal Rice


Rice Pudding






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