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Inhale your Kitchen!

abundant resources in kitchen


Your kitchen is has abundant resources. Things that we use in our day to day life, for cooking, garnishing, drinking, they all have certain capabilities that we are in a way aware of. Lets say cucumber which makes an excellent snack as well as a face pack or turmeric which apart from adding color to the curry, als ahas antiseptic properties which have been used for years to heal from within. There still are many inherent properties that we are not aware of. One of them is the aroma of the fruits, spices, vegetables around us and their direct impact in uplifting our moods. So while you enter your kitchen for the first glass of water in the morning, reach out for everyday things that can uplift your mood.


As you cut open an apple while you have your breakfast, deeply inhale the fresh aroma. Same goes with oranges. The citrus flavor of these fruits will jump start your day once you inhale them and devour it. Active ingredients such as cirtal and limonene in oranges, grapefruits and lemons also refresh your mind. You can even add a slice of either of the fruits to a glass of water to keep sipping through the day.


Ginger has been known for its medicinal properties. For digestive problems, cut ginger in thin strips and add to water(room temperature), you can even boil it and make some ginger-lemon tea. Ginger when eaten raw with ginger as pickle also aids digestion. Now coming to its aromatic powers. When feeling low, stressed out and tired, just the whiff of this root can elevate your senses, energizing you almost instantly. It is both fiery and fortifying and is effective against nausea.


Hoil basil (tulsi) is called the mother medicine of nature. Just add it to tea for that cold and running nose or have chopped tomatoes seasoned with basil on that pasta for that nice cosy feeling. The methyl chavicol in basil acts as a nerve tonic. Tulsi is also said to have properties that increase concentration and memory.


The pungent aroma of cinnamon is unmistakable, usually evoking dreams of hot cinnamon rolls from the oven. Cinnamon prevents nervous tension, improves complexion and memory. A pinch of cinnamon powder mixed with honey does the trick if taken regularly every night for these purposes. Just the fragrance of it will make you alert and take away exhaustion. What more if you apply cinnamon oil, it will keep insects at bay. If taken regularly after child birth, it acts as a natural birth control. If taken half a teaspoon daily, it lowers LDL cholesterol. A warm and stimulating feeling passes over you when you sniff cinnamon. Brew with tulsi for some nice, heart-warming chai.

Coffee beans

The aroma is not only a wake-up call on lazy mornings, it also cures olfactory fatigue. This is why store attendants make you smell coffee beans while trying out different fragrances. If the heady smell of onions or garlic is overpowering you, clear your head by just putting your nose to the coffee jar. Best for those suffering from nausea and morning sickness.


In contrast with coffee, tea leaves spread peace and calm over you. Brew a cup of green tea to help a heavy meal go down.


The terpinyl acetate and cineol are responsible for the sweet, spicy fragrance that warms you and invigorates your mind. You are suddenly so alert with the aroma of hot biryani.


The eugenol and eugenyl acetate stimulates the mind and energises it. It acts as a soothing agent for colds, flu and fatigue. Make a tiny pillow stuffed with clove and cinnamon to help clear your nasal congestion. Clove oil is also known to soothe tooth aches.


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