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The Last Leopard – A Review



The Last Leopard, written by Lauren St John’s, is a thrilling and enchanting story about animal survival. It is a sequel to The White Giraffe and Dolphin Song. The story is about Martine, a young girl, who has magical powers with animals. She uses this to save Kahn, the Last Leopard.

About the author

Lauren St John was born in Rhodesia in 1966. The Last Leopard is the third of a series of 3 books on African safari. ‘The White Giraffe’ and the Dolphin Song are the first two novels by Lauren St John’s. All three are astounding novels which make interesting reading for the young and old.

Synopsis of the story

The story begins with Martine looking forward to her holidays when an accident sends her and her close friend Ben on a journey to the Matobo Hills in the wilderness in Zimbabwe. The two friends find themselves is a lawless land, where nothing is as it seems.

Suddenly the youngsters find themselves in the thick of a mysterious plot. The plot unravels and they find the fate of a magnificent leopard and the lost treasure of an African King are mysteriously linked.

Martine and Ben use every survival skill they possess. They'll come face to face with Griffin, Mercy, Mr Radcliff, Magnus the hornbill, and a witch doctor, and of course Khan, the last leopard.

The story takes interesting twists and turns as Martine races against time to save the world's rarest leopard.

Every page more interesting than the previous!

Theme of the story

The book is wonderfully refreshing in its celebration of Africa - its people, culture and resources. The author's love and respect for the country shines through on every page. Equally delightful is the characterization of Martine, the heroine of the book who is portrayed as a capable, adventurous, identifiable and convincing person.

Other books by Lauren St John’s

The Last Leopard is the third African adventure story written by St John. The first two books that have endeared many readers are The White Giraffe and the Dolphin Song.

Blended themes of animal conservation and magical adventure make this book interesting for young children especially little girls.

A hugely enjoyable and gripping book for both girls and boys! 

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