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Life Is All About Passion & Ignorance
Bhagavad Gita – Synopsis of Chapters 13  to 15



The 13th chapter opens with Arjuna inquiring about the field of activities.

Lord Krishna reveals that man can understand the difference between the body, the soul, and the Supreme Being by following the process of knowledge. With this knowledge the soul can transcend the good and the bad he meets, realize his eternal subordination to Krishna, and attain the supreme destination.

The Thirteenth Chapter clearly explained that by humbly developing knowledge one can become free from material entanglement.

In the 14th Chapter the Lord explains about the three modes - goodness, passion and ignorance – which bind and control all souls within this world. A soul can, however, transcend these modes through devotional service.

At different times, one mode may be more prominent than the others.
Goodness illuminates, purifies and conditions one to a sense of happiness and knowledge. Passion gives rise to unlimited desires and longing and binds one to furtive action, it causes misery and grief. Ignorance results in indolence and sleep and its symptoms are darkness, inertia, madness and illusion.

One must be detached from the modes and their results in order to be attached to the service of the Lord. One who unfailingly engages in pure devotional service at once transcends the modes and comes to the Brahman platform. Krishna is the source of Brahman.

In the 15th chapter Krishna describes the way in which one can free oneself from material attachment.

Lord Krishna compares the material world to a gigantic, upside-down banyan tree, and invokes Arjuna to detach himself from it through surrender. The soul if detached from material things can end his transmigrations and return to the Lord in the spiritual world.

Krishna teaches that the basic principle of devotional service is detachment from material activities and attachment to the transcendental service of the Supreme Lord.

Material existence is compared to an imperishable banyan tree, with determination the tree should be cut down with the weapon of detachment. The living entities that are entangled in the banyan tree of the material existence should detach themselves and engage in devotional service to the Supreme Lord.

Bhakti is the perfect means by which the living beings can attain actual happiness.


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