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Make up for Minimalists


The right tinted moisturizer delivers hydration , foundation and sunscreen …all in one.

The perfect No-make up , makeup , a tinted moisturizer can give you soft skin a smooth, sunkissed finish in one step.The very best comes with a SPF protection built right in,making them the equivalent of foundation .

Here are some recommendations for tinted moisturizers in stores today.

  1. Best all Around Laura Mercier Tinted moisturizer SPF 20

This three in one lotion works well with every skin type.Its lightweight formula is rich enough to leave skin feeling fully hydrated but is fluid enough to spread on smoothly without streaks.The satin finish is lovely and provides not too heavy a coverage.

SPF 20 blocks out UVA and UVB rays.

Available in Nude, Sand , Almond and Tan.

  1. For Oily Skin – Covergirl CG Smoother SPF 15 $ 7 at most drugstores

A healthy glow is one thing, an oily sheen is another.This oil and fragrance free formula soaks up the shine from the summer humidity.

  1. For sensitive skin – Clinique almost Makeup SPF 15 $17.50 for 1.5 ounces

With sensitive skin, the fewer the ingredients the better.One do it all lotion means less chance of a reaction than with the usual cocktail of moisturizer, sunscreen,foundation and powder.This cream contains no oils,fragrance or chemical sunscreens.Plus, the waterproof formula will hold up even against late summer perspiration.

Offerring sheer coverage that evens out skin tones, it is available in six shades : Fair , light, medium ,Deep,Deep2 and Bronze.

  1. Best for Dry Skin – Ultima II Glowtion skin brightening moisture cream for Dry Skin SPF 15 $22 for two ounces at JCPenney

This extra thick cream delivers moisture holding lipifds to quench parched skin, and Vitamins A and C to help protect it from the destructive effects of free radicals .

It also has light reflecting agents that help camouflage fine lines.





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