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Mallika Shut Up and Hiss


Voluptuous Mallika Sherawat has been away from all the limelight ever since Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam bombed at the box office. She has been busy hissing on the sets of her new movie now out in theatres this october 2010. Poor Mallika who has nothing but to show her body has not been given even a single chance to speak a dialogue in her Hollywood venture ‘Hiss’.

Mallika Sherawat plays the character of a snake and has to emote through her body; something that only she knows best. In the film she transforms from snake woman to human but even then doesn’t speak a word. The logic as described by Hollywood director Jennifer Lynch is that snakes have their peculiar senses with which they communicate. Well she has definitely chosen the best in bollywood for that. Mallika is known to make her body do the acting for her.  

Mallika had to go through a lot of trouble for the role. Her detailed costume and make up took her more than five hours to get ready and she stayed in that costume for nearly 10 hours with no permission to go to the restroom! She even wore contact lenses big enough to cover the white of her eyes. Now that is torturous but she is ready to go any length and make her mark as an actress.

Hiss is the story of a snake’s revenge and the snake woman has the capacity to turn into a gorgeous female. Seems like some naag naagin bollywood movie of the late 80’s inspired Hollywood. Perhaps Sunil Dutt-Reena Roy’s Nagin or even Sridevi’s Nagina all known for horrendous make up.

The film has been shot extensively in the jungles of Thekkady, Kerala and has even included some local tribes. Irrfan Khan and Divya Dutta also play important roles along with some Hollywood cast in the movie that is slated for a mid 2009 release.

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