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7 Mantras for a Prosperous life in 2009 !!


1.Time and again, reflect on your life in relation to the cosmos.It is not even a drop in the ocean.This awareness will simply drop all the smallness in you and you will be able to live every moment of your life.

2.Remind yourself of the highest goal in your life.You are not here to grumble or to complain.You are here for something bigger.

3.Serve !
Engage youself in community service to whatever extent you can.

4.Have faith that the Divine loves you dearly and is taking care of you.Have the trust and faith that you will get whatever is needed in life.

5.As we flip the Calendar,we need to keep flipping our mind as well.Often, our diaries are full with memories.See that you dont fill your future dates with past events.Learn and unlearn from the past and move on.

6.Smile more ! True sign of prosperity is an unconditional smile on your face.

7.Take some time to walk by yourself.Nurture yourself with music, prayer and silence.Do a few minutes of meditation, pranayam and yoga.This heals and rejuvenates you, giving you depth and stability.

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