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Mere Brother Ki Dulhan: Review



Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, promises nothing new, offers nothing new. One look at the star cast, the title, and you know where the film is headed. And never doubt your instincts if they tell you what all happen in between also. Most occasions than not, you are sure to get it right.  So what can make you watch MKBD? Maybe you don’t mind some harmless fun. If you consider this fun, that is. Or maybe you are a Katrina fan.

The story starts with Luv (Ali Zafar) from London, calling up his brother Kush (Imran Khan) in India asking him to find a bride for him. Doesn’t mean Luv is too shy to find one himself, rather he is too much of a Casanova to decide on one girl. So he gives that duty to his brother who works as an assistant director in films because from childhood, their preferences usually match.

And Imran finds the dulhan in Dimple Dixit (Katrina Kaif) whom he likes. Except that when Luv lands from London, things start to get out of planned ways. Well, nothing we viewers didn’t plan for, a ha! The constant references to past Yashraj films and inserting evergreen melodies is nothing new either. Imran Khan himself had a 'I Hate Love Stories' not so long ago.

Katrina shines in a free spirited role again, after ZNMD. Imran's Kush loses some of the thunder to the Pakistani pop star Ali Zafar who plays his elder brother Luv.

Overall, if you want to spend two hours watching predictable, juvenile stuff, go for MBKD.





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