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Movie Night Party Menu

Any time of year is perfect to round up the gang for a movie night. Get the room as dark as possible, switch off your phones, sit back and enjoy the show! This type of party is perfect for a personal family and friends event, or a neighborhood get together, and it's simpler to arrange than you might think.
A movie without popcorn is like a day without sunshine. Let your guests customize their corn with a popcorn bar. Pop a few bags of plain popcorn, and set out various accompaniments like the standard melted butter and salt. This is a great reason to plan a fun Menu, we have brought together lovely recipes for you to try…..simple and quick so that you can also sit back and Enjoy!!!!



Chicken Pot Pie

Cauliflower Popcorn

Wada Pav


Bread Pudding






Flavours of the World :

South East Asia Calling

Orient Express

Eater's Digest

World Vegetarain by Madhur

Michael Mina - The Boy Wonder Chef

Wonderfully Delicious - Avocado


Party Menu

Formal Dinner Party-Veg

Formal Dinner Party - Non Veg



Mona's Events


Mind , Body & You

The Mast Food

Sizzling Stylz


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