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MS Dhoni: Hair & Now


Whoever said that only women use hair as an attention generating weapon needs to think again. When it comes to sports celebrities, long hair are synonymous with many a remarkable male personalities.

Modern sport is more than sports; among other things, it’s also about glitz, glamour and grooming. Millions of dollars ride on megastars who cash in more from the off-field persona than on it by virtue of the huge public and media interest they generate.

Fashion and lifestyle glossies pay copious attention to these international style czars. Much as they wow the masses with their sporting talents, these stars also gain global attention for their flashy cars, their swank villas, their designer wear, their opulent lifestyle and the glamorous arm-candies they strut around with. Even the hairstyles of some of these stars evoke much interest - even maniacal fan following. And we talk about that glam star that has become a fashion icons for the statements he makes with his flashy hairstyles.

Dhoni had created a fever in India and has been already linked with hot indian actresses, and his charm and charisma has had women swooning over him all over India. Why only India I must say all over the world.

Dhoni’s hair is less colorful and less shocking, but few cricketers can match the attention his hairstyle generates. Dhoni’s long and rather unkempt hair of the early days even caught the attention of Pervez Musharaf. The Pakistan President advised Dhoni at a post-match ceremony:

"A lot of placards in the crowd have suggested that you should get a haircut. But take my advice; you look good in this hairstyle!"

Dhoni influenced youngsters across the length and breadth of India to sport hairstyle similar to his. But the unruly look of old has come in for grooming from famed stylists. The length of the hair has come in for a trim and the mane has brownish streaks that are in keeping with the modern trend. And, no, the Samson has not lost any of his awesome powers since the hair cut!

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