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Presenting Noorie - The gifted Tarot Card reader and astrologer

Looking for a reliable guide for your journey ahead ?

argaiv1820 presents Noori , our in house supremely gifted and talented Tarot card reader, an astrologer and overall a person with diverse interests.

Noori started reading Tarot cards at a very young age in India.

Over time her Tarot card reading practice has evolved and helped her grow as an Individual.Noori has an amazing spectrum of talents .Tarot card reading and astrology is one that touches upon her spiritual realm and helps her help people.

According to Noori , “Often people look for guidance in life from a reliable guide, when they are at crossroads in life- be it career, love, marriage, finance, health, children, property etc.There are times, when our minds cloud our vision ahead and this is when divination tool’s like Tarot plays an important role.”

Noori Says , Imagine, you are driving a car and there is no sign of a sharp U turn ahead or a Z turn ahead or a stone lying on a U bend? What would happen if you continue to drive at the same speed? Wouldn’t it have been beneficial to have known that before, by way of a sign board. Tarot helps us know what lies ahead and help us be prepared better. For successful people, it helps in ensuring that you succeed better effectively. For those wanting to overcome a problem, Tarot provides indepth guidance from the Higher realms, thus strengthening you with additional tools for your journey ahead.

IF you would like your Tarot cards to be read and have questions , meet  noorie on Vibes.,'s social network.

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