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Orange seeds Ajwain & Pomegranites to the rescue-Pearly whites

Take care of those Pearly whites….



When you speak or even smile, teeth are on show. An attractive smile is thus an important beauty asset. We try and help you take care of your million dollar worth smile.

We are met all born with the potential for perfect teeth, but heredity is a popular scapegout for bad teeth and an unhealthy mouth. Conversely, good teeth and a healthy mouth can be acquired by almost anyone, provided that the battle against tooth decay and gum disease is started early.

Read on for some home made herbal mouth wash and teeth maintainence tips, tricks and more….

Powdered Neem leaves

1. Brushing teeth daily with powdered neem leaves not only makes them pearl white 'but also keeps them healthy.

2. Brushing teeth twice regularly with a mixture of soda bicarbonate and powdered salt makes them sparkling white.

3. Rubbing salt on the teeth and rinsing off after sometime , is equally helpful in making the teeth sparking white.

Orange Peel

4. Dry and grind orange peels to a coarse powder and brush your teeth daily with this powder for making them beautiful and sparkling white

Pomegranate peels

5. You can even make dry powder and store pomegranate peels and brush your teeth every morning and night with this mixture for a good sparkle.

6. Roast full turmeric and powder it. If this mixture is rubbed on the teeth daily, it not only stops and avoids any teeth related problems but also makes the teeth sparkling white.

7. Another simple tip to make your teeth a topic of envy among others, is to eat sugarcane daily.

8. If your teeth has tuned yellowish in color, roast-ajwain and grind it to a fine powder. Rub this powder on your teeth and then rinse off after a few minutes. Your teeth will become sparkling white within just a few days.

9. For yellowish teeth treatment, you can also rub together a mixture of turmeric powder, powdered salt and lime juice on it. Repeating this process for about 15-16 days, will bring back the natural glow .

10. Boil fenugreek seeds in water, let cool and then gargle with the strained water in order to make your teeth strong and sparkling white.

11. Powdered cloves and lump sugar not only makes your teeth white but also keeps them healthy if used daily.

12. After squeezing out juice from limes, do not throw away the peels. Instead rub them to your teeth well to discover a natural glow.


Herbal Mouth-Wash (Type 1)


Vinegar - 1 tbsp

Honey - 2 tbsps

Wine - 2 tbsps

Cloves (Powdered) - 1/2 tsp

Method - Mix together all above ingredients and use as a mouth wash.

Herbal Mouth-Wash (Type 2)


Clove oil - 4 drops

Eucalyptus oil - 12 drops

Tincture of myrrh - 4 drops

Water (hot) - 800 ml

Method - Mix together all above ingredients and use as a mouthwash

Herbal Mouthwash (Type 3)


Hydrogen peroxide - I tsp

Salt - I tsp

Water (warm) - I cup

Method - Mix together all above ings and use:

Herbal Tooth Powder to avoid bad Breath to cure bad breath .


Soda Bicarbonate - 3 tbsps

Salt - 2 tbsps

Method - Mix together the above ingredients with warm water and use.

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