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Organ Donation Myths And Facts

A single organ donor can help save over 50 people There is a long list of people who wait day in and day out for someone to come forward and donate their organs. Perhaps no other medical procedure has generated the amount of myth, mystery and even a sense of the macabre as organ donation. If you’ve delayed your decision to be a donor because of fear or a misconception, here are answers to some common organ transplant myths and concerns.


Myth: Carrying a Donor Card or Having Organ Donor noted on driver's license is all one needs to be an organ donor.

Fact: These cards are definitely legal documents, but orgnan donation is an issue to be discussed with family before you make a decision. You family must understand your wishes so that they can turn your wish into reality when you are no longer there.

Myth: Only hearts, livers, and kidneys can be transplanted.

Fact: Apart from vital organs, pancreas, liver, lungs and intestines; even tissues like the eyes, skin, bone, heart valves and tendons.

Myth: A medical history/ old age means my organs are unfit for donation.

Fact: People of all ages and medical histories are potential donors. An appropriate medical professional will review your condition at the time of death. S(he) will be able to decide whether you can be a donor. So sign up for organ donation and With recent advances in transplantation, many more people than ever before can be donors. It's best to tell your family your wishes and sign up to be an organ and tissue donor on your driver's license or an official donor document.

Myth: If I you agree to donate my organs, my family will be charged of the costs.

Fact: There is no cost to the donor's family or estate for organ and tissue donation. Funeral costs remain the responsibility of the family.

Myth: Organ donation disfigures the body and changes the way it looks in a casket.

Fact: Donated organs are removed surgically, in a routine operation similar to gall bladder or appendix removal. Donation does not change the appearance of the body or for the funeral service.

Myth: My religion prohibits organ donation.

Fact: All major organized religions approve of organ and tissue donation and consider it an act of charity.

Myth: There is real danger of being heavily drugged, then waking to find you have had one kidney (or both) removed for a black market transplant.

A widely circulated tale on the internet, this story has little credit especially in the US. Many people who hear the myth probably dismiss it, but it is possible that some believe it and decide against organ donation out of needless fear.

Myth: The recipient would know who I am If I donate organs.

Fact: The identity of all parties is kept confidential. The donor family and the transplant recipient may receive such information as age, sex and state of residence. Individually, the recipient may be told the circumstances of death, and the donor's family may be informed of the transplants that were performed and receive feedback on how the health of the recipients has improved. The donation agencies facilitate correspondence and meetings initiated by either the donor family or recipient and agreed to by both parties.

Myth: Doctors will not try hard to save my life if they know I’m donating my organs.

Fact: Only after a person is declared legally dead does organ and tissue recovery begin. The team of experts savaing your life is different from those recovering your organs.

Myth: I may not be really dead when the doctors sign my death certificate. It'll be too late for me if they take my organs for transplant. I might have recovered otherwise.

Facts: Although it's a popular topic in the tabloids, in reality, people don't start to wiggle a toe after they're declared dead. In fact, people who have agreed to organ donation are given more tests to determine that they are truly dead than are those who haven't agreed to organ donation.


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