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Power Yoga


Demi Moore swears by it so does Kareena Kapoor. Across globe many celebrities have made it their way of life. It helps them maintain their fit and fab figures. Suddenly the whole world seem to have awaken to a new style of the ancient technique-- Power Yoga.

It's a fast paced and strenuous approach to the traditional Vinyasa and Ashtanga- style yoga. It concentrates more on the physical aspect of the discipline than its philosophical side. The term was devised in 90's when the yoga teachers were trying to popularize Ashtanaga yoga to the western world. So the yogic postures were doctored in a way to get the most out of the asanas, without following the principles.

Why are people gung ho about it?

The focus of power yoga is on making postures more physically challenging. This includes several improvised postures, which are derived from classic yogic aasanas, but amplify the effort required to perform them. So instead of performing tons of asanas for every part of the body, in power yoga just a couple of postures get strenuous and effective enough to do the trick. In West it is seen as a 'cool' way of workout, and also as an alternate to working out in the gym.

What makes power yoga so powerful?

Power yoga is a form of yoga that concentrates more on the physical aspect of the discipline rather than its philosophical side. Power yoga does not follow any set series of poses or aasnas, thus does not have any set methodologies, although they do concentrate on strength and flexibility, the classes can widely vary. The teacher has the liberty to improvise as and how s(he) wants. This way students who have specific needs can be catered to. The west sees this heavily altered version of the classic yoga much easier to follow, something like an instant yoga. It requires less chanting and meditation than normal yoga. So in all it suits best the hectic lifestyles where just by spending little time, one reaps maximum benefits. This technique of yoga is used for heavy workouts and has been instrumental in bringing yoga to gyms.

In a nutshell it is fun, focused and flexible. In just a few moving, breath-connected postures, choreographed in dance like movements, one can work on strength, flexibility and stamina along with mental well-being. In a few classes, you'd realize the power, of the purifying heat that detoxifies the body and nourishes the internal organs, giving a complete sense of connecting to the core, rejuvenation, vitality and relaxation.

Go for it!


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