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Smile Pinki – A kind rendering smile

Written by: Suba Subramanium

Smile Pinki – A kind rendering smile

“Thank you Pinki. Thank you for letting me tell your incredible story,” said Mylen, film Director, while accepting the Oscar for the Smile Pinki.
The film was done and over with, tributes and awards were given but that was not the end for Pinki –the heroine of Smile Pinki – it was the beginning. The beginning of a new life, the beginning of happiness and joy, the beginning of all things that mattered.

Smile Pinki, the Oscar-winning short documentary is the story of a child with a lip deformity. The 39-minute documentary traces Pinki’s journey from being ostracized to being treated like a normal girl after a social worker helped her undergo surgery.

Smile Pinki is an amazing true-life fairy tale of little village girl from Uttar Pradesh, who was born with a cleft lip. Torment and ridicule were Pinki’s way of life. School was a distant dream and brick brats a reality. Things changed one day as if the fairy had waved a wand. Pankaj Kumar Singh, a representative from the GS Memorial Plastic Surgery Hospital promised to change everything for Pinki. And everything did change for Pinki.

Producer/director Megan Mylen decided to document the story of Pinki. The film opens on a schoolyard scene, with children in uniforms dancing in a circle. This, the film suggests, is the life available to children with cleft deficiencies, if only they undergo corrective surgery. With Pinki at the center, the film looks in on the experiences of a few other children discovered by Pankaj, including 11-year-old Ghutaru, who has not only stayed out of school but has also largely stopped talking due to his deformity.

The poverty in the village and the helplessness of the parents to help their deformed children forms the back ground for the movie. The film throws hope for the children whose lives are ruined just for the want of a small; corrective surgery. The film doesn’t look into possible reasons for cleft deficiencies, but at the remedy and its availability.

A positive film, a ray of hope for the estimated 35,000 children who are born with cleft deficiencies every year.Let’s not forget NGO Smile Train, which funded the surgery and Pinki’s Los Angeles trip to attend the Oscars and Dr Subodh K Singh, who performed the surgery.
I am sure each one of us can bring a smile on the face of the children born with cleft deficiencies. Let us say thank you to God in a different way today.

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