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Stuffed and Starved - By Raj Patel



What lies behind the world food crisis ?

The book :

Why is there still global hunger ? Is there an Obesity epidemic ? Who invented supermarkets ? Who profits from the world’s crops ? How do all these questions connect ? Find the answers in Stuffed and Starved , a searing and incisive examination of the modern global food system.From the epidemic farmers suicides in rural India , South Korea and the United States, to the negotiation of trade alliances through bodies like the WTO and the World Bank, Patel tells a story of greed, power and corporatization of our food system.Written over three years , this book draws on the experiences in countries ranging from India to South Africa, Mexico,Brazil ,South Korea and Italy ;a journey that Patel describes as painful but one that ends in hope.

Excerpt :


Parvathi’s day is long.It begins at 5 AM, when she prepares food for her sons and does some housework – washing, cleaning clothes,fetching water.The Children need to be in school by 8:30 ,and she drops them off before heading to the plate `workshop’ outside a neighbour’s house.At 6:30 pm she returns ,picks up her children from the neighbour, and goes to bed between 10 and 11.The Plate making pays badly- 25 rupees (US $.50) per day.It’s not enough for her to bring her children up on.`I used to put chillies in the rice to make it last longer ,but then the boys fell sick’.Now my parents help me with a little money’.Parvathi has her own land ,four acres of it .It lies fallow at the moment.`I’m waiting for my boys to finish school’…..

Stuffed and Starved is an eloquent treatise on what we need to do to regain control of the global economy and stop the bleeding and exploitation of farmers and consumers and inflict a global sustenance balanced model.


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For a comprehensive view on today’s global food economy and `Food Sovereignity.

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