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Superstar India - Shobha De


Shobha De’s latest book ‘Superstar India’ according to her is a memoir or as De puts it – ‘a very personal story. The book is highly narrative, engaging and written in typical De style - with scathing take-offs on everything, from the caste system to male chauvinism, from sex to social pretension.

De, as her readers of regular column would admit is a sparkling writer! She smoothly strays into men’s terrain and succeeds in bringing a smile to most of her readers. In ‘Superstar India’ she delves way back into her own middle-class upbringing and pokes gentle fun at her father for introducing her mother at parties with a ‘Meet my Mrs’.

In this book De tells about Superstar India, not presenting her as a divine or superpower but as a person with her own flaws. De takes a stand and tries to debunk a few myths in her book but all in witty De Style. And everyone who has read the book has enjoyed the comparisons drawn by her. The initial print run of 45,000 copies is sold out and Penguin is ready for a re-print.

In her book, De is completely optimistic about India. Her book is a summary of all that is urban India today - the good, the bad and the ugly. De has given a hope that all that I not well will soon be taken care of. Contrasting with China, De talks about India and exults about how we take our democracy for granted and treat the right to vote as an absolute birthright! The rural man wonders aloud about the "other" India where people get to actually cast their votes by themselves!The format of the book is - a series of or one long email to the premier of China outlining the protagonist's life and times in India. In his voice. About his journey from rural India to the urban, from a servant to an entrepruener.

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