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The Broken Tusk- An unbroken recounting of the lovable Lord Ganesha


Lord Ganesh needs no introduction – be it north or south; east or west, Lord Ganesh is present in His benevolent best. I mean this, for in every nook and corner of India ( dare I say in some other parts of the world) you are sure to find a temple for Ganesha – a God who presence in invoked before any happening, a God who transcends the Shaivite – Vaishnavite divide.

To the ones who have not been introduced to Lord Ganesh, let me explain the title of the book – the Broken Tusk. Lord Ganesh, as the title suggest is the lovable God with an elephant’s head. If you want to know how He got an elephant’s head, I suggest you read this wonderful book.

Seventeen different stories on Lord Ganesh are compiled by Uma Krishnaswami in the most endearing manner. Gods, demons and humans are all fascinating in this book. Krishnaswami relates the stories without sermonizing about good and evil, leaving the reader to draw the obvious conclusions.

I wouldn’t call this a religious book it more one on long- lost moral values. Every story in the book ends with a line or two that relates the mythology to modern times.

Beautifully written and more beautifully illustrated by Maniam Selven the book is immensely enjoyable. Children who are interested in different cultures are sure to enjoy this one, especially young Americans of Indian descent.

Krishnaswami has prefaced the book with a brief introduction to Hindu mythology and to the Lord Ganesha himself. She also complements the stories with a glossary of terms, a list of characters, a list of other names for Ganesha, and a pronunciation guide. A thorough professional approach I would say.

Whether you are religious or not, whether you are Indian or not, whether you are young or not, the Broken Tusk you must read, just for the joy of reading. A handsome addition to your little library.

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