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Once upon a time there was big jungle, Full of nature’s beauty and there was a lion ruling the kingdom of that jungle. There was abundance of food available there. The lion used to kill many small and big animals everyday and grew fat and healthy. Years went by and the number of animal kept on reducing. The lion also started getting bored of his monotonous life of killing, eating and sleeping and doing nothing apart from that.

One day while he was taking a walk round the jungle he saw that a group of animals resembling monkeys but taller smarter and more beautiful than monkeys were roaming in the jungle holding something in there hands which used to kill other animals easily by making some sound. The lion didn’t know they were humans and had guns.


He saw they caught some animals and were taking the animals with them to some place. The lion followed the humans and saw tigers and leopards and the all were fed with fresh meat and flesh. The lion got greedy and decided to get caught. Next day when it sees those new spices of animals again he went in front of them and pretended to faint. They caught the lion and took it to the zoo.

The lion saw a new life and from other animals learnt how to entertain the new species of animals (humans). He used to get food just by showing some acts he was very happy and content. Time went by and years went by too. And the lion again started getting bored of his life eating, acting and sleeping. The only reason that made him bored was the food he was fed. They used to feed him with unhealthy skinny goats and cows which barely helped him satisfy his hunger.

There came a new wind of news amongst all the animals where in a group of the same kind of animals (humans) came from some other land called America. They were their to take some of the animals from the zoo which they didn’t have in their zoo back in there land. The lion started preparing for the interview very hard.

Finally the day came and they choose the lion with other animals. The cave was clean and beautiful the weather was cool and the lion loved the zoo. First day he was very happy and entertained everybody with lots of zeal and enthusiasm. And during the lunch time a man came with a big rug. The lion told himself “Today my hard work will be paid at last I will have a feast”. He runs to the bag and opens it apart and finds peanuts in it shocked but hungry he eats it without complaining. The same thing goes on for months.

One day the lion gets frustrated and loses his patience and waits for that man to come and give him food and as soon the man arrives with his strong claws he opens the bag right there and finds peanuts in there. Without wasting a moment he catches hold of that man and firmly asks him “Who do you think I am? I am the king of the jungle; and you stupid brainless animal you feed me with peanuts? Why don’t you give me flesh and meat? Give me fresh meat to eat or I will kill you?” .The man smiles and tells him “Before you kill me don’t you want to know why we feed you with peanuts?” The lion asks “Why?”

And the man replies because “we have brought you here on a monkey's Visa.” And the lion leaves that man and wishes to be back to the jungle where he started his beautiful life……………



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