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The Prodigal Sun

We have been very good !
We are asked to wear sunscreen and we have done so religiously.We have worn long sleeved shirts and white brimmed hats and carried our Umbrellas around while shopping, watching our kids play and what not.

Now all that obedience could help explain why so many recent studies have found that a lot of us are falling woefully short on Vitamin D, a nutrient our bodies manufacture when we are exposed to sunlight.Considering that D appears to offer protection against breast , colon and prostrate cancers, it’s not surprising that even the American Cancer Society is recommending that we begin misbehaving a bit.
Government experts now advise that, in addition to getting D from food sources (Salmon,tuna, eggs, fortified milk) or a supplement, we expose our face, arms , hands or back to the sun atleast twice a week for ten or 15 minutes
Before we apply the sunscreen.


Go ahead, be bad. You have permission !

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