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Tuhin Sinha – One of the new brigade

Written by: Suba Subramanium

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Some Letters Did Reach God- Color Purple

Tuhin Sinha is among the most creative young Indian writers today. With a B. Com degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Communications Management from the National Institute of Advertising, New Delhi, Tuhin has many facets – apart from writing novels, Tuhin has contributed guest columns to India's leading print media publications, he has scripted several TV soaps, a tele- film, Phir Se, based on a story written by Tuhin won the RAPA Award for the best tele-film in 2005, and to top it all Tuhin has acted in a couple of serials in the early stages of his career.

Tuhin's first novel, That Thing called Love, was released on 25 September 2006. Set in the backdrop of the Mumbai monsoons, the book is an offbeat romantic novel revolving around the dark side of love - unrequited love, brazen betrayal, covert prostitution and the concept that homosexuality is becoming a fad. The plot is full of bitter-sweet ironies- the most predominant irony being that all the characters are struggling with faltering relationships during the monsoons, which has been traditionally considered the most romantic season.

That Thing called Love explores relationships in the contemporary, urban set-up of Mumbai against the backdrop of changing moralities. In fact, a metropolitan reader may easily be able to relate to the complexities in relationships. The book has sold over 50,000 copies.

22 Yards, published in August 2008, is Tuhin’s second novel and is a chronicle of a fictitious Indian Cricket Captain's journey through the fickleness of the cricket world. Indian cricket captain Mayank Pradhan is preparing for the match of his life: the Twenty20 World Cup final. While an entire nation waits for the finals with bated breath, Mayank learns that some of his team mates have been bought by bookies.

As Mayank struggles with a multitude emotions, he relives some of the darkest moments of his life after India’s abysmal showing at the ODI World Cup a year earlier. He revisits a damning no-holds-barred report that he had prepared, citing the reasons for India’s defeat - ball-tampering to drugs, from philandering to betting. Hunted by these memories, with the Twenty20 World Cup looming before him, Mayank must find out whether the match has been fixed, ease underlying tensions, keep team morale up – and play the best cricket of his life. The chronicle of one’s man journey through the fickleness that is life and cricket, 22 yards is a thriller, you will read start- to- finish.

Tuhin's third English novel, "Of Love and Politics", published by Hachette India has just hit the stands. What happens when the political drama that unfolds in the country’s corridors of power, spills over to a complicated personal bond between three young people? Set in the thick of political party manipulation, this page-turning book, spins a riveting story about love and relationships that are made and broken by the ideologies of the political parties that each of these three protagonists represent.

In March- April 2010, Tuhin wrote a 4-part series called “Love Thy Leader” for Times Life, Times of India group. Each column dwelt upon a romance, involving a key political figure; the Sarkozy - Bruni romance, the actuality of the Akbar-Jodha saga, the political implications of the Nehru-Edwina relationship, and the bond between Hitler and Eva Braun.

Tuhin Sinha, three novels down and many to go, in one Indian author to watch out for.

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