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The White Giraffe  – A Review




The White Giraffe written by Lauren St John’s is a spectacular novel. It is about a young English orphan girl, Martine, who is sent to live with her grandmother on a South African game reserve. St John weaves a beautiful story bringing to life the sounds and images of the South African Games reserve creating a fascinating magic as ones moves from page to page.



About the author



Lauren St John was born in Rhodesia in 1966. Her early childhood was spent on a farm. ‘The White Giraffe’ is Lauren St John’s stunning debut novel.

Synopsis of the story



Martine is eleven years old when she is orphaned. She goes to live with her grandmother on a game reserve in South Africa. Her grandmother seems oddly unwelcoming. Martine finds it difficult settling in her new school, where she is considered an outsider. She makes friends with Tendai, a keeper on the Game reserve. She learns the lore and survival techniques of the bush from the keeper. Tendai senses that there is something special about Martine.



Meanwhile the Game reserve ‘Sawubona’ is heaped in mystery waiting to be revealed. The fabled white giraffe is the greatest mystery. One night, Martine, looks out of her window and sees a young albino giraffe, Jemmy, - silver, tinged with cinnamon in the moonlight. And there starts her mysterious and magical adventures. Martine discovers that she has a wonderful gift of healing.



She travels with the giraffe to a secret valley where she finds clues about her past and future.

A wonderful adventure ensues.

Theme of the story

It is a spellbinding and mesmerizing adventure novel. It tells a tale of love, loss and friendship. It brings to life the wild African forest. The novel holds the attention of the reader and warms the hearts of everyone with its descriptive, simple narrative.

Other books by Lauren St John

‘The Dolphin song’ and’ the Last Leopard’ are squeals to ‘the White Giraffe’. All these 3 novels are African Adventure stories, each one as enchanting as the other.


The White Giraffe - a heart-warming story - a ‘do-not-miss’ book for every child!

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these are all my feeling while reading this book!
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this book was very good this book is my favorite book this book changed my
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