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I belong to a small valley in the Far East corner of India. Being part of a nuclear family, with working parents & no siblings around, I started finding my playmates in story books from the age when people these days spend time in play homes. Well, in that remote part of India then, there were no concepts of play-schools. As a next step, I took up pen & paper at my 6th summer of life to bring my thoughts out. I kept writing, filling large diaries year after year without bringing it to anyone’s notice. Finally few months later from my 13th birthday my first poem was published in a popular local news paper. My relatives called and showed me the poem saying “look, someone who is your namesake published a nice poem!” It was a compliment in disguise. My expectations grew and I happened to publish a few more stuff in the local news papers.

Then came the time when studies were more important than anything else in the world. My writing obviously took a back seat. I graduated in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of technology and like most of the engineering grads around me, I jumped straight in to the software industry. I wandered from one software company to another, working with some world famous brands, moving from one country to another. Obviously there was no time to cherish my long lost passion.

My bundle of diaries lied back home, dust covered. Then something happened quite dramatically. Back home, my diaries were discovered by my mother and she could not stop herself to show the collection to a family friend, to get an idea on how to bind and preserve the stuff. Her sole idea was to surprise me on my birthday. Coincidently, the family friend, who has been associated with a publishing house for some time in the valley, was rather keen on publishing the collection in the form of a book, under the brand name of their publication house. Amazingly the thought was appreciated by the key people in the publishing house who also keenly reviewed the stuff. So this collection of rhymes, short stories, poems written by a young girl for the people of her age, turned into a book. It was first book of that kind in the valley; a book written by a kid for the kids. All this happened when I was a few thousand miles away from that place. The book was officially published this year (2009) & as rightly predicted, has been liked by the people. Name of the book is “Sonali r golpo Sonali r Kobita”. The entire content of the book was written in Bengali, since that was my medium of education at that age. It was indeed the biggest surprise gift for me who didn’t even get to see the book till it was published!

Back here, after dealing with the complications of software applications for more than 7 years, I was ready to take a break from my job to live with my husband. My work wasn’t allowing me anymore to be in the same city where he has got his job. So I chose to be with my family.

It was another coincidence that, during the time, when my first book was getting ready to publish, I was making a very important decision in my life. Now I’m happier that I have made this decision. With lots of free time in my hand now, not only I would be able to give more time to my family but also I would start chasing my passion again. As a result, a few weeks back & more than a decade later again my latest article was published in news papers in the valley again. Without having any fear or uncertainly in my mind, I have decided to keep writing, till the day I live and will try to connect to the world through my writings.

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